Accelerating Employee Development through Artificial Intelligence Enabled Coaching

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by Susan Power, MBA, CHRL, ACC  Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership

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Coaching has the power to transform the personal and professional lives of clients to maximize their potential and to help support them in reaching their goals. Historically, coaching was a development option typically offered only to Executives. Today leadership coaching is a benefit offered to all employees from emerging leader up to the CEO level.

PowerUp Leadership has recently added e-coaching to their coaching program. Presently, PowerUp Leadership is the only leadership coaching company in Canada that is certified in LeaderAmp’s AI enabled coaching platform and assessment software.

LeaderAmp, based in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley has developed a scientifically validated leadership assessment instrument that measures leadership effectiveness. Through its software application, 18 dimensions that drive leadership performance are measured and goals are selected based on the self assessment and the 360 degree stakeholder assessment.

The goals selected through LeaderAmp drive the e coaching notifications pushed out to your smart phone with coaching tips and challenges in between live coaching sessions. This keeps the momentum going in between live coaching sessions to encourage client self reflection and continuous development and action. Additionally, the application includes an e-journal with AI measuring emotional sentiment analysis. 

 It is truly the combination of the AI coaching with the live coaching that drives client progress towards reaching their goals.  The clients that get the most value from coaching are those committed to the process and those that do the work in between the coaching to reflect on their challenges.  Self reflection makes it clearer to the client what challenge to bring to the live coaching call to discuss and receive coaching on.

Finally, the coach and the organization have access to a dashboard that measures on track and at risk coaching engagements (based on frequency of coaching meetings) to track the status of coaching for each employee and the level of engagement across the organization.

The figure below shows a snapshot of what the dashboard looks like from a client overview perspective to measure the engagement level.  The coaching notes, e-journals, and live coaching conversations are 100% confidential.  The risk is measured from an ROI perspective to provide insight as to what coaching clients are fully participating in the coaching engagement and which are at risk.

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