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PowerUp Leadership Values

Inspired Leadership

PowerUp Leadership was founded with the vision of creating more inspired leadership in our workplaces. This value is central to everything we do, and the reason why our firm exists. The word "Inspire" means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. When you inspire someone, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow.

Always Keep Our Commitments

We build deep professional relationships through transparent and candid communication and doing what we promise. We are trusted professional advisers to many individuals and organizations. We are selective about what organizations we partner with. PowerUp Leadership takes professionalism very seriously. This means showing up on time and delivering  for our clients

Courage to Innovate

We take risks, fail forward, and are proactive in our work. We love working with fast growing technology firms as they lead the way on the innovation curve.

Act with Velocity

As a growing start-up, we are nimble and take pride in our ability to make decisions and execute with velocity. We abide by the Code of Conduct and Ethics required by the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations and Global International Coaching Federation.

Truly Authentic

Our approach is truthful, candid and results oriented. We believe in no bullshit and have our clients best interests at heart in our communication style. We are bold in our words and actions.

Deeply Curious

We are willing to ask the tough questions. We believe in continuous learning, and getting really curious about the motivations and sticking points for our clients to best serve them.

Every interaction is an opportunity to tap into leadership capability.

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PowerUp Leadership Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility

PowerUp Leadership strives to manage our business and operations with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind at all times. Read our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Governance Policy

Learn more about our integrated principles and approach by reading our Governance Policy.