This program develops you as a new manager into a confident, adaptable and inclusive leader who drives excellence, innovation, and alignment across your team and organization.


This offer is for you if you are a people manager, and...

You are spending a lot of time and energy trying to de-escalate conflict on the team. Your direct reports complain about miscommunication with peers, difficult co-workers who are not prioritizing their requests, and they expect you to intervene to solve many of their problems and have difficult conversations for them.

You want to increase team motivation, so each member has a clear sense of purpose and clarity of their role and responsibilities. Often you find that there is misunderstanding and overlap of who is responsible to complete which task, and this makes it difficult to coordinate and align the team. 

You are conducting performance reviews and career development discussions for the first time, and you are unsure of the best way to have these discussions. You want to provide honest feedback, but you do not want to demoralize the team by criticizing their hard work and effort, as you want to build trust with them as their manager.

You feel overwhelmed as you are in meetings all day and struggling to manage your time effectively. There are often unexpected fires to put out that derail the best planned day, and while you know you should delegate more, it feels like delegation creates more work for you in the end and it can feel faster to do the work yourself. 

Often new people managers are promoted because of technical excellence, and then when they are responsible for leading a team, they have a steep learning curve and often struggle.

The fact is that skills that made them successful as an individual contributor are not the same skills that will make them successful as a people manager.

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Our New Manager Leadership Development Program is 16 hours of comprehensive training and coaching on leadership development to equip people managers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to effectively lead their teams, enabling them to motivate and inspire team members while aligning the team towards achieving outstanding results.

Managers will be empowered with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in their roles, fostering effective leadership, improved decision-making, and better more strategic communications.


What's Included:

Pre-training Learning Resources & Materials

Enroll in the Manager Leadership Development Program and gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, including pre-learning materials on leadership development best practices, videos, articles, our proprietary inspired leadership journey podcasts, etc. 

DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment

You will be assigned a DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment. Unlike other DiSC reports, which emphasize understanding the difference between people's communication styles, Work of Leaders focuses on understanding how your communication style and mindset influence your  effectiveness in specific leadership situations. Work of Leaders helps you reflect on how you approach leadership when you: Create a Vision, Align to that Vision, and Champion Execution of the Vision. Your report will be reviewed during one of your one-on-one coaching calls with an ICF credentialed coach.

Five Behaviours Personal Profile Assessment

As a people manager, you will be assigned a Five Behaviours Personal Profile Assessment. After taking the assessment, you will receive a precise, personalized profile that deepens your understanding of self, work style and others in the organization. This is based on Patrick Lencioni's model for solving the five dysfunctions of teams. The result is a unique and impactful team development solution that empowers you, as a manager, to rethink your approach to trust, healthy conflict, accountability, commitment and achieving results.

Live: 6 Sessions of Virtual Training on Leadership Development for Managers

Virtual training sessions (recordings sent out after each session) that cover 90 minutes of training each module, for a total of nine hours of training delivered over a 12-week period ( every 2 weeks).


Module 1:

Energy & Mindset Booster: Managing Expectations, Work Life Integration & Stress Management

Module 2:

Consistent Execution: Building Trust Based Relationships & Confidence

Module 3:

Strong Influencer & Persuasion Powerhouse

Module 4:

Clear Strategic Focus: How to Create Strategic Priorities, Delegation & Time Management

Module 5:

Team Alignment: Navigating Conflict & Difficult Conversations

Module 6:

Master Communicator: Defining Your Authentic Leadership Style

Leadership Development Intake Diagnostic

Following the training, your people managers will complete what areas they may want to focus on further during the one-on-one coaching and group leadership development sessions. Your managers will have their Work of Leaders and Five Behaviours Assessment Reports to consider as part of their reflection on what areas of leadership they may want to select for personalized coaching. 

Live: Two Group Coaching Sessions

Post-training your managers will attend two 60 minute group coaching sessions to share their best practices, challenges, and lessons learned with other managers. This group is led by an ICF credentialed coach who facilitates the sessions.


Learn and discuss leadership challenges with peers to gain support and new insights for how to approach challenging situations to boost your manager's leadership confidence. 

Theme based facilitated discussions led by an ICF coach to reinforce key learnings and share additional strategies for approaching difficult scenarios. 

Safe space to share insights in a confidential group setting.

Live - 1:1 Virtual Coaching with ICF Coach

Six, 50 minute one-on-one virtual coaching sessions with a professional ICF credentialed coach. These will give you an opportunity to set goals for your leadership development journey, and to receive coaching on scenarios you are facing as a new manager that you may not feel comfortable raising on the group calls. Your DiSC Work of Leaders and Five Behaviours Assessments will be debriefed during these 1:1 coaching calls with your ICF credentialed coach.

Post-Coaching Learning Resources & Materials

You will receive personalized curated materials selected for you based on your specific leadership development goals and themes that arise from the group coaching sessions and 1:1 private coaching calls to continue your learning and development journey. 


Plus get these bonuses:

Access to

Throughout the Manager Leadership Development Program, you will receive access to our confidential software, to set goals, access learning materials, communicate with your coach, access the program schedule, and track your actions and progress throughout the program.

Engagement in a Supportive LinkedIn Manager Leadership Development Community

You will be invited to join a private online community of other managers who are on their own inspired leadership manager journey.  You can share your experience, challenges, seek advice, and provide support to others. This network of support and accountability makes the journey less isolating and more motivating.

Official Program Certificate

After completing all program requirements, each participant will receive an Inspired Leadership Certificate from PowerUp Leadership showing successful completion of the program. 

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Program breakdown:


Enroll in the Manager Leadership Development Program and get instant access to the Pre-Learning Materials & Resources to start your inspired leadership journey.


Once inside the Manager Leadership Development Program, you will be paired with an ICF credentialed coach who will invite you to complete a DiSC Work of Leaders & Five Behaviours Assessment. You will receive invites for the virtual live group training, group coaching, and 1:1 private coaching sessions. 


You will receive lifetime access to our LinkedIn Leadership Development Managers Group Page and get all the updates on the Managers Inspired Leadership Development Program FOREVER.


By the end of our Inspired Leadership Development Program, as a manager you will....

Grow into a Confident Decision Maker:

You will gain the confidence and skills to make effective decisions, even in complex and ambiguous situations.

Become an Inspirational Leader:

You will transform into an inspirational leader who motivates and empowers your team to achieve exceptional results.

Lead a High-Performing Team:

After completing this program, you will transform your team into a high-performing united team that empowers each member to deliver consistently high results.

Resilient Problem Solver:

You will increase your ability to manage stress, increase resilience, and amplify your critical thinking skills to overcome challenges and setbacks

Increase Influence & Ability to Have High Stakes Conversations:

You will be able to navigate the politics of managing more easily upwards and downwards. Your confidence in having high stakes and difficult conversations will skyrocket!

Learn More About Your Authentic Leadership Style:

You will gain clarity on the type of leadership style that feels authentic to you so you can communicate more clearly, resolve conflicts more effectively, and feel more comfortable in your leadership role.

After16 hours of blended training and coaching delivered over the 12-week program, you will transform yourself into a manager who leads your team to achieve influence and buy-in.

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Hi! I'm Susan Power

One of Our Manager Leadership Development Coaches.

I understand it can be scary to move into a manager role and be responsible for leading an entire team. It can feel like you are expected to have all the answers, and it can be emotionally exhausting.

This program was designed to accelerate managers through the steep learning curve of stepping into a manager role.

As an International Coaching Federation, Professional Certified Coach, I have over 2500 hours of coaching experience with managers and executives at Fortune 500 organizations.

This program covers our proprietary Inspired Leadership Methodology to cover the key behaviours of effective leaders with clear strategies of how to lead a team effectively. This program includes the areas that new managers struggle with the most when moving into a team leadership role.

By  the end of this program, as a people manager, you will feel confident in your leadership style and have new strategies and frameworks so you can influence and get results from your team.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not available to attend during the scheduled dates of the program?

All the training sessions will be recorded and uploaded within the same business day that the session was held for you to review. The group leadership theme sessions are not recorded to create a safe space for raising challenges.  To receive the certificate of completion, we allow for one missed group leadership and one missed training session, maximum. We require your live participation for most of the program as it is highly interactive.  The virtual training sessions, the group coaching call, all of the individual coaching sessions (scheduled at a time that works best for you and your coach), the leadership intake diagnostic, the DiSC Work of Leaders assessment, and Five Behaviours Assessment must be completed within the 12-week program window to receive the certification.  If you do not require the certification, you are welcome to attend the portions of the program that are most relevant to you.

This program is expensive for my organization’s current training budget.

The feedback we have received from past participants is that they wish they had signed up for this training earlier as it has saved them significant time and money.  You can also experience increased team productivity, reduced turnover, higher quality teamwork deliverables, and a phenomenal employee experience by increasing the leadership effectiveness of your team. All our trainers and coaches are International Coaching Federation credentialed coaches, as we are dedicated to an exceptional quality program that has a high ROI for all managers who complete it. We feel the program is excellent value based on everything that is included (see above).

Rather than attend a public program, I would prefer to have only in house managers attend a program internally, is this possible?

Yes, we have delivered this program internally for managers exclusively at client organizations both in person and virtually.  We would be delighted to do this for you as well and can even customize the program if you prefer based on your budget parameters.  We offer corporate pricing for 10+ participants.

The program dates do not work for my schedule, but I want to take this program very much, what do I do?

If you are unavailable for the upcoming public offering, we would be pleased to register you today for the next available program offering to hold you a spot and get you started on the pre learning materials and diagnostic assessment.  These programs run multiple times a year so if you pre-register we will reach out with scheduling details once finalized with the coaches and trainers for that cohort. If you just want access to the training recordings and are uninterested in the certification or practice coaching components, we are finalizing a self-directed pre-recorded online only option, and can provide details upon request. However, we strongly recommend you consider the full program to get the most value from it.


After completing this program, as a people manager, you will be equipped to boost team morale, increase productivity, and reduce turnover. The result will be a pipeline of capable leaders, a culture of continuous improvement, that ultimately drives long-term success by equipping you to navigate challenges, foster innovation, and adapt to changing business environments effectively. 

Join today and transform yourself into a manager who leads your team to achieve influence and buy-in.