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PowerUp Leadership was founded with a vision of cultivating more Inspired Leadership™ in our workplaces. Our focus is to grow your leaders to inspire performance.  

We support leaders to set goals, increase their capabilities in communication, relationship building, conflict resolution, and self care and stress management. When you get leadership right, your organization becomes a talent magnet. Many of our clients are professional services firms and technology firms.

Organizations who develop high-potential talent below senior levels are 4.2 times more likely to outperform those who don’t. Companies which take a full-pipeline view of potential also have higher-quality senior leadership and more diversity at every level, not just high potentials.

Effective leadership has a domino effect. You lead the way you are led. We can help design and launch a program to provide executive coaching across all job levels and train human resources on how to manage your coaching, mentoring, and onboarding programs. Companies are more profitable when they reward leaders for consistently demonstrating people-focused, ethical leadership. 

Every interaction is an opportunity to tap into leadership capability.

Community Focus

Founder &CEO Susan Power volunteers as the President of the Atlantic Chapter of the International Coaching Federation and is a member of the a number of community groups working to drive forward the mandate and objectives of these organizations. PowerUp Leadership aligns with the following organizations:

ICF Atlantic Charter Chapter
Women Business Enterprise
Nova Scotia Labour Board
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
SheEO Activator
Centre for Women in Business

Inspired Leadership™ Podcast

Tyler Bayley and Susan Power talk Inspired Leadership™. The podcast celebrates examples of inspired leadership to encourage more of it in our workplaces.

The word "Inspire" means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow into. When you inspire someone, it is as if you are blowing air over a low flame to make it grow. If you have a leadership story we should feature on a future episode or would like to sign up as a guest, we would love to hear from you. Email susan@powerupleadership.ca or bayleyty@gmail.com.

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"Susan is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable HR&OD professional who has a keen understanding of policy development and approvals process in a municipal context. She is able to develop options and clear policies based on thorough analysis in an effective and efficient manner that aligns to the needs of the organization and stakeholders."

- Dave Mignault, Manager, Organization Development & HRMS, City of Kingston -