Transform your managers from overworked employees into impactful coaches who drive high performance, increase employee engagement, and achieve exceptional outcomes driving accountability on their teams.


This program is right for you if:

You find your managers are the bottleneck in workflows, micromanaging work quality, with productivity suffering as employees are waiting for their sign off, on everything!

You want to create a work environment where ALL employees (regardless of job level) are empowered to offer solutions to problems, and not just wait for direction from their managers. 

Your managers lack self awareness, and this results in communication misunderstandings and conflict on their team or cross-functional teams.

Your managers are burning out because they are in meetings all day and reviewing their employees' work in the evenings and on weekends.


Program success outcomes:

Managers will learn coaching frameworks, building their confidence in how to lead effectively. Your managers will learn that every work item does not need their review , as their employees gain skills through coaching.

Proven techniques that will transform your managers' approach to be development focused, asking the right questions to identify coaching opportunities.

Increase managers' self-awareness so they can better work with others, building stronger relationships with peers, their boss, and direct reports.

Learn techniques where managers coach their team for better results, developing skills, and having them take more accountability for driving results.

By learning how to coach their direct reports, your managers will learn how to empower their team to make their own decisions, build critical thinking skills, solve problems, and motivate employees to reach their full potential at work and outside of it. 

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A comprehensive training and applied coaching skills program that equips managers with the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to effectively coach their teams, enabling them to motivate and inspire team members while aligning the team towards achieving outstanding results. 


What's Included:

Pre-training Learning Resources & Materials

Enroll in the coaching program and gain immediate access to a wealth of resources, including pre-learning materials on coaching questions, videos, articles, and coaching competencies, templates, etc. 

DiSC Workplace Communication Assessment

Managers will be assigned a DiSC Workplace Communication Assessment that shows their preferred workplace communication style, and how to adapt when communicating and coaching others who may have a different communications style. Their report  is reviewed during one of their one-on-one coaching calls with an ICF credentialed coach.

Six 90-Minute Virtual Training Sessions

Six 90-minute virtual training modules for a total of 9 hours of training, delivered over a 12 week period (recordings available).


Module 1:

Embodies Coaching Mindset

Module 2:

Create Safe, Trusting Coaching Relationship

Module 3:

Active Listening as a Coach

Module 4:

Communicate by Asking Powerful Questions

Module 5:

Empowerment & Accountability with Coaching

Module 6:

Build Behaviors that Last

Coaching Skills Diagnostic

Post-training, each manager will complete a coaching skills diagnostic to self assess their coaching capability to identify areas of focus for group and 1:1 private coaching sessions.

Two 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions

Post-training, each manager will attend two 90-minute group coaching sessions to practice coaching, applying the frameworks and techniques learned in the training. The Group Coaching Sessions are led by an ICF credentialed coach who will debrief with group on different coaching scenarios. The facilitator will offer feedback and suggestions to participants on their applied coaching in the group and in partner practice activities.


Peer-to-peer learning:

Managers will learn from their peers and from other managers from different organizations through the discussion, Q&A, and by practicing coaching and sharing feedback and insights with other participants.

Coaching demos:

Group coaching demos to see how others apply coaching frameworks.


Safe space to practice coaching in partner breakout rooms.

Personalized support:

Q&A for the ICF coach during each session.

Four 30-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

Each manager will receive four 30-minute private 1:1 virtual coaching sessions with a professional ICF credentialed coach. Each manager will set goals for their coaching, and receive confidential tips and feedback on scenarios they may not feel comfortable raising on the public group calls. Each manager will have their DiSC Workplace Communications  Profile Report debriefed by their ICF coach to identify their communication style and how to flex to work with different styles.

Post-Coaching Learning Resources & Materials

Each manager will receive personalized curated materials selected by their coach to support them to achieve their goals and to provide learning in between live group and 1:1 private coaching calls.


Plus these bonuses:

Access to

Throughout the Coaching Skills Program, each manager will receive access to our confidential software, to set goals, access learning materials, communicate with their coach, access the program schedule, and track their actions and progress throughout the program.

Supportive LinkedIn Coaching Skills Community

Each manager will join a private online community of like-minded managers who are also on their coaching journey. Each manager can share experiences, seek advice, and provide support. This creates a network of support and accountability, making the journey less isolating and more motivating.

Official Program Certificate

After completing all program requirements, each manager participant will receive a Coaching Skills For Manager Certificate from PowerUp Leadership showing successful completion of the program. 

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Program breakdown:


Enroll yourself or your management team in the Coaching Skills for Managers Program. Enrollment of 3+ people will qualify for a discount.


Once inside Coaching Skills for Managers, each manager will be paired with an ICF credentialed coach and you will receive a welcome email with login access to and an invite to complete the DiSC Assessment. Each manager will receive the program schedule for the training, group coaching sessions, and private 1:1 coaching sessions.


Each manager gains a lifetime access to PowerUp Leadership's LinkedIn Coaching Skills for Managers community page, and each manager will receive ALL the updates on the Coaching Skills for Manager Program FOREVER.


What your managers will gain from the program:

Learn what employee scenarios require more of a directive approach versus when to lean into coaching.

Feel confident in your managers' ability to coach their team on topics ranging from career development, strategic planning, problem solving, and team alignment.

Remove managers as the bottleneck on moving critical work deliverables forward, as they will learn to empower their team and push down decision authority.

Show your managers how to accelerate development of their top talent and future successor, helping their team take on new responsibilities faster because they have received consistent coaching and support from their manager.

Lead with a coaching mindset so your managers consistently role model a coaching leadership style resulting in highly engaged employees, attracting top talent who want to be part of their team because they want to be coached and work with a manager who cares enough to coach and develop them!

After 14 hours of blended training and coaching delivered over the 12-week program, your managers will transform their style to be easily coaching their direct reports to deliver high quality work and consistent performance

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Hi! I'm Susan Power

I understand how frustrating it can be to receive work from employees that is half complete, and low quality.

Sometimes it seems easier to do the work yourself rather than delegate it and not get the product that you are looking for. There is a better way to build a team and remove yourself as the bottleneck in the process, it is through coaching.

Over the past ten years I have worked with hundreds of managers to coach them on coaching. As an International Coaching Federation, Professional Certified Coach, I have over 2500 hours of coaching experience with managers as well as executives at Fortune 500 organizations.

Our team has created and tested out several coaching frameworks with our private coaching clients and seen the results firsthand. These same frameworks are the ones we have built into this program.

This program includes proven coaching methods so your managers can grow their team, and trust them to deliver high quality work. Your managers will feel confident that their team will be successful doing the work they give them, with their coaching.

By the end of this program, your managers will know how to build a team environment where their employees feel safe seeking out coaching. Your managers will learn how to create a coaching culture.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am not available to attend during the scheduled dates of the program?

All the training sessions will be recorded and uploaded within the same business day that the session was held for you to review. The group coaching circles are not recorded to create a safe space to practice coaching. To receive the certificate of completion, we allow for one missed group coaching session and one missed training session, maximum. We require your live participation for the majority of the program as it is highly interactive, and you need to practice coaching to learn how to do it effectively. At least two of the training sessions, one group coaching call, all of the individual coaching sessions (scheduled at a time that works best for you and your coach), the coaching diagnostic, and the DiSC assessment must be completed within the six-week program window to receive the certification. If you do not require the certification, you are welcome to attend the portions of the program that are most relevant to you.

This program is expensive for my organization’s current training budget.

The feedback we have received from past participants is that they wish they had signed up for this training earlier as it has saved them significant time and money. You can also experience increased team productivity, reduced turnover, higher quality teamwork deliverables, and a phenomenal employee experience by coaching your team. Once you adopt a coaching approach, your team will accelerate their pace and become a better functioning team. All our trainers and coaches are International Coaching Federation credentialed coaches, as we are dedicated to an exceptional quality program that has a high ROI for all managers who complete it. We feel the program is excellent value based on everything that is included (see above).

Coaching in a group setting makes me uncomfortable as I don’t like presenting in front of a group?

We understand that public speaking is out of some managers comfort zone, and it is an area that we do a lot of private coaching on as well (insider tip: feel free to ask us about that) This is why we have designed the Coaching Skills for Manager program to include private one-on-one coaching with the credentialed coach as well as the group coaching. However, we encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to get the most learning out of the program. Our coaches will not put you on the spot to require you to coach in front of the full group if you choose not to. We do have partner breakout rooms where you can also practice on the group calls in more intimate spaces without a full audience.

The program dates do not work for my schedule, but I want to take this program very much, what do I do?

If you are unavailable for the upcoming public offering, we would be pleased to register you today for the next available program offering to hold you a spot and get you started on the pre learning materials and diagnostic assessment. These programs run multiple times a year so if you pre-register we will reach out with scheduling details once finalized with the coaches and trainers for that cohort. If you just want access to the training recordings and are uninterested in the certification or practice coaching components, we are finalizing a self-directed pre-recorded online only option, and can provide details upon request. However, we strongly recommend you consider the full program as that is truly the only way to really learn how to coach effectively by practicing and receiving feedback from your peers and an ICF coach. Like riding a bike, you cannot learn by video only, you really do need to experience coaching to fully learn how to coach effectively.


By the end of this program, your managers will have a deep understanding of coaching frameworks and skills, having practiced proven coaching techniques, enabling them to feel comfortable embracing coachable moments. Your managers will increase their confidence on effectively coaching their team.

Join today and start creating a positive work environment, fostering strong relationships, and empowering managers to coach their team to reach their full potential with coaching. Your managers will be more engaged coaching their team to find their own answers, rather than just telling them what to do.