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PowerUp Leadership

Professional Development

PowerUp Leadership Approach

Executive Coaching

Unlock Your Potential

1-on-1 coaching fast-tracks employee development by changing mindsets & actions through the power of neuroscience, helping employees and organizations meet their goals. Top employers tap into coaching.

Leadership Assessments

Laser-Focused Development

Top-rated assessments identify both strengths and blind spots, clarifying development goals and accelerating team alignment. Facilitated by an ICF-certified Coach, leadership assessments maximize the value of professional development initiatives.

Communication Effectiveness

Overcome Common Barriers

For leaders at every level, building confidence and skill when presenting, navigating difficult conversations, or maintaining clear lines of communication with a team, can all present challenges. 

Organizational Development

Team Training

Enable Effective Collaboration

Group training, available for teams and groups ofpeers, brings participants together tolearn and exchange best practices. Customizable training programs can addressdysfunctional team norms, break through communication barriers, and enhanceleadership skills.

On-Call HR Support

Create a Phenomenal Employee Experience

Outsourcing Human Resources Support allows you to save on cost without sacrificing quality, and still have your priorities managed by a Certified HR professional. It’s like having a top-tier HR executive on board, but without the six-figure salary.

Succession Planning

Build Your Talent Pipeline

A well-designed talent review and succession plan creates your talent road map: setting your organization up for success, while identifying and reducing retention risks for higher business resale valuation.