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Talent Assessments


SuccessFinder is both a recruitment and talent development assessment, using behavioural data to make strong predictions for career and leadership performance. SuccessFinder's reports provide in-depth and detailed insights on participants's key competencies and areas of development, illustrating a deep understanding of who an employee is, what drives them, and how their alignment with other team members can be optimized.

  • DiSC

  • Agile EQ

  • Work of Leaders

Everything DiSC

The everything DiSC model is a simple self-assessment that results in a wealth of information about your workplace priorities and preferences. DiSC was created with the belief that understanding your workstyle is the first step towards becoming a better employee. The DiSC acronym stands for the four-categories in which the assessment is based-off. Those being dominance, influence, conscientiousness, and steadiness.

  • The Five Behaviours

  • Team Development

  • Personal Development

Leadership Circle 360 Profile

Many profiles take hours to interpret, but the Leadership Circle Profile shows key information in a quickly-interpreted, easy-to-understand way, bringing fundamental issues to the surface instantly. The data in the leadership assessment reveals itself in seconds, putting leaders in touch with what is working, what is not, and why.

This 360-degreeassessment benchmarks the assessor against more than 1,500 executives in the database globally, and provides an overall score of Leadership Effectiveness, as well as across all 18 Creative Competencies and 11 Reactive Competencies.


LeaderAmp blends 24-7/365 accessibility, scalability, scientific methodology, and cutting-edge technology to make for one of the most effective assessment models, designed to meet the needs of today’s modern organizations. The platform uses an award-winning approach that combines computer-science, and psychometric artificial intelligence. LeaderAmp 360-degree assessment identifies 18 leadership dimensions that encompass leader potential and performance.

PowerUp Leadership is presently the only Canadian company certified by LeaderAmp.

Work Personality Index®

The Work Personality Index describes key features of your personal style that influence the unique ways in which you approach tasks, interactions with people, and work performance. In essence, the index was designed as a tool for professional growth. The focus of the self-assessment is on personal characteristics and behaviours that influence how you perform in work settings. The assessment measures 21 traits that provide a holistic overview of your work personality.


CliftonStrengths (Formerly Clifton StrengthsFinder) is a Gallup self-assessment that plays to building upon employee’s strengths. This assessment shows employees top strengths that align with execution, strategic thinking, relationship building and influence. The report is separated by tiers, depending on the assessment package purchased. Reports can simply generate your top-five strengths, or a thorough breakdown of all 34 dimensions.

Recruitment Assessments

Assessing candidates to identify their behavioural preferences, integrity, and problem solving skills is smart risk management, and a critical part of the recruitment process. We fully vet candidates to reduce our clients risk. We offer a number of assessments which can be administered for clients or purchased directly to supplement their own internal recruitment process


I owe my Next Level Mind State to the Superb Coaching of Susan Powers of Powerup Leadership. I was stuck in small business thinking not sure how to take my business to the next phase. PowerUp Leadership asked the right questions that allowed me to develop and implement new and improved strategies that created new streams of resources and sales. I am so Grateful. Thank You PowerUp!!!

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