Our Approach

PowerUp Leadership

The PowerUp Leadership Approach

PowerUp Leadership Approach

Relationship Focused

We value authenticity and approachability in coaching, aiming to speak with candor and build trust-based relationships.


Our coaches work directly with clients, developing coaching programs specific to both organizational and individual goals.


Powered by Coaching.com, we offer access to scheduling, coaching, goal-tracking, and a library of leadership resources, with the added convenience of a mobile app.


Our coaches ask thoughtful questions, empowering leaders to develop awareness and discover solutions

Brain Based

We offer top leadership assessments and neuroscience-backed strategies to guide coaching programs with powerful insight.


We offer virtual 1-on-1 sessions with an ICF-Certified Coach through our state-of-the-art platform, Coaching.com. Coachees are individually matched with their best fit from our Diverse Roster of Coaches.

Leadership Resources

Coachees gain access to a wealth of leadership resources to continue reflection, learning, and development in between 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

Simple & Convenient

Coaching.com makes scheduling a session with your coach, tracking goal progress, and communicating between sessions easy! It’s all done in one place, with the added convenience of a Mobile app.

Inspired Leadership™ Competency Framework

Self Awareness

  • Personal Learning & Reflection
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Growth Mindset
  • Calm Composure


  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Stress Management
  • Resilience

Inspires Others

Purposeful & Visionary

  • Articulates north star purpose, organization’s vivid
  • Demonstrate behaviours that align with the organization’s values and purpose

Leadership Presence

  • Communicates with energy, edge and passion in all interactions
  • Awareness of eye contact, hand gestures, tone, and body language
  • Share personal stories and forge emotional connection with stakeholders to motivate and engage
  • Lead assertively, especially during times of uncertainty and change


  • Delegate responsible to team members to take responsibility for their own tasks
  • Trust team members to plan how to execute assignments
  • Encourage team members to make decisions and own direction for their own work

Courageous Authenticity

  • Challenge the status quo and speak the truth to all stakeholders
  • Shows up as a real human reflecting the leader’s true personality, style and opinions

Influences Others

  • Integrity
  • Relationship Building
  • Social Connection

Strategic Communication

  • Strategic Planning
  • Empathy
  • Anticipate and address the concerns of their audience in their communications
  • Engages in Conflict & Difficult Conversations
  • Change Management
  • Active listening and asks the right question
  • Community Focus

Enables Team Performance

  • Recognition
  • Coaching and Mentoring Others
  • Collaborates Effectively with Diverse Stakeholders
  • Encourages Participation

Achieves Results

  • Conscientiousness
  • Problem Solving
  • Disciplined Focus
  • Agility
  • Systems Thinker

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