Career Transition As a Smart Business Decision

Career transition can be confusing. Rely on PowerUp Leadership to make it easy.

by Susan Power, MBA, CHRL, ACC  Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership

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When an employee is impacted by down sizing, a decision needs to be made on whether to invest in a career transition program for the exiting employee. Career Transition involves providing access to career coach who can provide counsel and support with resume building, a job search strategy, a linked in profile, and interview preparation.

There are many reasons why a career transition program is a smart business decision.

  1. Employer Image & Brand: The way an employer treats an exiting employee speaks volumes about their integrity and way of conducting business. When a career transition program is offered to an employee, this can have a significant impact on providing a softer landing for the individual to find their next opportunity.
  2. Advocate for Your Business: Employees that exit your business will eventually join new organizations. A exiting employee today may be a prospective customer for you tomorrow. The way that you treat an exiting employee will very much inform whether they advocate for your business and speak positively about their experience to other prospective customers, suppliers and employees.
  3. Decrease Employer Costs: The faster a terminated employee finds a new job, the faster they will replace their income. This results in reducing unemployment compensation and may mitigate any severance payout and costs incurred in whole or in part by you, the employer.
  4. Career Transition protects against legal claims: When an employer offers career transition in a separation agreement, it decreases the risk of legal claims against the organization. Career transition demonstrates goodwill that the employer has done everything in their power to help the exiting employee replace their income. If the employee never takes advantage of the outplacement services offered, the employer can always ask: “Why did you choose not to take advantage of it?” This can be very valuable if there is ever a legal claim.

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