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PowerUp Leadership designs and delivers programs that build leadership capabilities across the organization.

 When employees are misaligned and communication is broken, the entire organization flounders and revenue plummets...

  • Is Your Turnover Rate Too High?
  • Do Your Leaders Fail to Align the Team?
  • Do Your People Avoid Difficult Conversations?
  • Do Your Leaders Take a Top-Down Approach Rather than Coach their Team?
  • Do Your Leaders Fail to Delegate?

Our Commitment: Build Trust Based Relationships that Deliver Results.

  • Attract & Retain Top Performers: The Type of Leaders that Others Want to Work With

  • Create a Phenomenal Employee Experience with Individualized Learning & Development Plans

  • Cultivate Psychological Safety to increase Productivity and Retention

Our leadership coaching accelerates development of employees to maximize engagement of diverse talent

1-on-1 coaching fast tracks employee development by changing mindsets & actions through the power of neuroscience, helping employers meet their goals. Top employers tap into coaching as a retention strategy.

Many leadership assessments take hours to interpret, but the Leadership Circle Profile shows key information in a quickly-interpreted, easy-to-understand way, bringing fundamental issues to the surface instantly. 

Career transition can be confusing. Rely on PowerUp Leadership to make it easy.

Whether you're restructuring or have an individual employee leaving, people in transition face uncertainty. We provide coaching & career counselling to support employees decide what move to make next.

Our professional support creates a leadership pipeline and phenomenal employee experience

Reap the savings of the gig economy by outsourcing HR. Be confident knowing your HR is managed by a Certified HR professional. It’s like having a top-tier HR executive on board, without the six-figure salary.

Group training brings peers together, learning and exchanging best practices. Address dysfunctional team norms and break through communication barriers with team training and masterminds.

Well-designed succession plans and talent review sessions with your senior management team to identify talent road map. Reduce risk for higher business resale valuation with retention risks identified.

Our Coaching Approach:


We value authenticity and approachability in coaching, aiming to speak with candor and build trust-based relationships.


Our coaches work directly with clients, developing coaching programs specific to both organizational

and individual goals.


Powered by online platform, we offer virtual access to coaching, goal-tracking, and a library of leadership resources.


Our coaches ask thoughtful questions, empowering leaders to develop awareness and discover solutions.


We offer top leadership assessments and neuroscience-backed strategies to guide coaching programs with powerful insight.

Our Coaching Packages:

PowerUp Leadership designs specialized coaching programs to fit each organization's unique needs. We currently offer pre-designed coaching packages for four distinct groups:


Emerging Leaders

New Managers


A Focus on Leadership 

  • Be a values driven leader your team respects and trusts
  • Create a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion
  • Look in the mirror, and be confident in your track record
  • Be the successor for your manager's job
  • Develop bold leaders who engage in healthy conflict
  • Communicate candidly, respectfully, and with purpose
  • Be an Employer of Choice, attract and retain top talent
Vivid Vision 2024
Coaching, 7x ROI

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"Susan is awesome! I found my time spent with her invaluable as an executive of a company which recently completed a major acquisition and was dealing with integration, transformation, leadership and organizational changes as well as fatigue. She challenged me to take a hard look at who I am, what drives me and who I want to become. If you're looking for a great coach, then I highly recommend Susan.

- Vice President of Global Technology Firm