Grow Inspired Leadership™ for High Performance

PowerUp Leadership designs and delivers professional development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations. Our customized coaching and training programs inspire consistent behaviour change at every organizational level.

Our Purpose:

Create Inspiring Workplaces

PowerUp Leadership's Mission is to Grow 1,000,000 Inspired Leaders by 2033.

Let us help you:

  • Transform your Leaders to show up as empathetic, transparentagile, & authentic  to inspire others to achieve results.
  • Build leadership capability: attract and retain 'A' players.
  • Create a phenomenal employee experience with personalized Employee Development Plans.
  • Cultivate psychological safety to increase the productivity, and increase the energy, of your team.

When employees are misaligned and communication is broken, productivity suffers.  

Low efficiency drives extra cost. 

  • Is your turnover rate too high?
  • Have you experienced quiet quitting?
  • Do your leaders fail to align the team?
  • Do your people avoid difficult conversations?
  • Do your leaders take a command and control approach?
  • Do your leaders fail to delegate?

Our Services

Leadership Coaching

Our relationship based, technology-powered leadership coaching programs accelerate employee development to maximize engagement of diverse talent.

Organizational Development

Our professional support creates a leadership pipeline and phenomenal employee experience.

Our Coaching Packages

PowerUp Leadership designs customized coaching programs to fit each organization's needs.

We offer four pre-designed coaching packages:

Executive Inspired Leadership™ Coaching

Manager Inspired Leadership™ Coaching

Emerging Leaders Inspired Leadership™ Coaching

Communications Inspired Leadership™ Coaching

Coaching Skills for Managers Program

A Focus on Leadership 

  • Be a values driven leader your team respects and trusts
  • Create a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion
  • Look in the mirror, and be confident in your track record
  • Be the successor for your manager's job
  • Develop bold leaders who engage in healthy conflict
  • Communicate candidly, respectfully, and with purpose
  • Be an Employer of Choice, attract and retain top talent
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InspiredLeadership™ Podcast

This podcast celebrates real-life examples of Inspired leadership to create more of it in our workplaces. 


Coaching is awesome! I found my time spent with my coach invaluable as an executive of a company which recently completed a major acquisition and was dealing with integration, transformation, leadership and organizational changes as well as fatigue. She challenged me to take a hard look at who I am, what drives me and who I want to become. If you're looking for a great coach, then I highly recommend. 

Vice President of Global Technology Firm