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Discover the latest trends and leadership best practices with insightful news and articles about our work, our clients, and catch up with PowerUp Leadership CEO Susan Power's blog. 

Lessons from Rick Carson on Taming Your Gremlin: Coaching Can Help
by Susan Power, MBA, CHRL, ACC  Founder & CEO of PowerUp LeadershipMultiply Your Leaders to Grow Your BusinessRick Carson, Author[...]
Leading in a Virtual World – Interview with COO & Partner of Narrative Research Margaret Chapman
Susan Power, CEO of  PowerUp Leadership had the pleasure of speaking with Margaret Chapman, COO & Partner of Narrative Research[...]
Finding My Voice
by Susan Power, MBA, ACC, CHRL Founder & CEO of PowerUpLeadershipLife isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.[...]
Safely Bringing Employees Back
by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership   Employers top priority is to safely reintegrate employees back into[...]
CHRO: Critical Leadership Role
by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership There has never been a more critical time for having your[...]
Crisis Leadership During COVID-19
Social isolation and volatility of the financial markets are the perfect cocktail for mental health issues, disengagement and low productivity.[...]
The Power of a Coach: Maximize Leadership Effectiveness to Increase Profitability
By Susan Power, Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership. Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business Learn More about Our[...]
Showing Up Fully Each Day
by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of Power HR  Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business "We Are Constantly Broadcasting Who[...]
Searching for Something Spectacular
Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business Power HR Inc. One of my favorite children books of all time is[...]
Taking Off the Protective Armour
Almost all organizations spend the majority of their time and money focused on elevating their leadership team's outer game rather[...]
The Right Team Grows a Business Much More Rapidly
“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”  --  Stephen R. Covey A human[...]
The Power of Leadership Coaching to Change How Employees Think
by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of Power HR Inc. Leadership Coaching is becoming more commonplace across all job levels[...]
Mental Health First Aid Could Save a Life in Your Workplace
The Mental Health Commission of Canada offers an excellent Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training.  This past weekend I was[...]
Why the Best Leaders Embrace Vulnerability?
  Brené Brown, an expert on social connection, spent a decade researching the attributes of people that form the deepest[...]
Leadership Lessons from a Recovered Addict – Soulful Leadership
Power HR was founded with the vision of growing and inspiring more leaders. We celebrate real life examples of leadership. True leadership has[...]
Leadership Lessons from Pulling the Plug on a 15 Year Marriage…
After 15 years of marriage, one of my best friends and I, became legally separated this month. You know what...[...]

"Susan is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable HR&OD professional who has a keen understanding of policy development and approvals process in a municipal context. She is able to develop options and clear policies based on thorough analysis in an effective and efficient manner that aligns to the needs of the organization and stakeholders."

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