Transform your mindset, habits, and gain clarity on where to focus so you can have the impact you desire and accomplish your goals.


This offer is for you if you are an Executive looking to build:

Inspiring Leadership Skills:

  • Increased Self-Awareness: You will gain a deeper understanding of their strengths, weaknesses and natural leadership style.
  • More Influence: Gain more buy-in and support for your ideas. Learn how to communicate in a way that shares your vision and builds bridges in your relationships

Better Problem Solving & Decision Making:

You will define the right problem to solve and reach faster, better decisions.

Increased Emotional Intelligence:

You will become a better listener, and learn strategies for emotional regulation, and how to support your team in identifying and managing their own emotional triggers.

Achieve Business Results:

Achieve expected business outcomes to meet or exceed your goals and targets.

Career Planning & Development:

You may feel like you are spinning your wheels on career development. You will gain clarity on career priorities and next steps to focus on the most critical items for you.

Increased Productivity and Focus:

Youare pulled in a million different directions, and it can be challenging to focus. Coaching will support you in planning your priorities and focus areas.

Stress Management and Resilience Skills:

You are in a demanding role where consistent high performance is expected. You will gain stress management techniques, strategies, and habits to increase resilience in high-pressure situations.

More Effective Succession Planning:

Successor development is complex and often requires an in-depth development plan. Executive coaching is a best practice as part of your development strategy to prepare you to be ready to move into a higher level role.

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Success at the Executive level is demanding and difficult. Occupying a leadership role presents seemingly insurmountable obstacles, often with little direction or coaching.

Our Executive Inspired Leadership™ Coaching Package includes ten 60-minute personalized coaching sessions for executive leaders to support you in strategizing your priorities and leveling up your leadership and focus.


What's Included:

Ten 60-minute virtual coaching calls

Ten, 60-minute virtual coaching sessions with an International Coaching Federation Professional Credentialled Coach, at a cadence that best suits your needs.

Access to Personalized Learning Resources

Access assigned learning resources that your Coach will personally curate for you to fit your goals through

DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment

Provides a simple, three-step process to help you reflect on how you approach strategic leadership communication: creating a vision, building alignment around that vision, and championing execution of the vision.

SuccessFinder Executive Assessment OR Leadership Circle Profile 360 Assessment (Optional)

You choose if you prefer to receive feedback from other stakeholders through a 360 assessment OR, rather focus on a self assessment with Success Finder using behavioural data to make strong predictions for career and leadership performance.

Triangulation meeting with your boss (optional)

At the mid-point of the engagement, have your boss attend the coaching session with you to either share goals, align on development, or share other focus areas pre-planned with your coach. Confidential details shared in past coaching sessions will NOT be shared.

Coaching Journal or Book

You select from our list of recommended leadership best selling books OR a coaching journal to record your insights, actions, and takeaways during our sessions.


Program breakdown:


Enroll in our Private Executive Inspired Leadership Coaching Program and get instant access to, so you can complete your coaching intake form, and be matched with the best coach that fits your desired leadership growth areas.


Once inside the Private Executive Inspired Leadership Program, you will receive your coach's biography and have an orientation call with our Customer Success Specialist to answer any questions. You will receive invites to complete the DiSC Work of Leaders Assessment, and either the Success Finder or LCP 360 Assessment.


You get lifetime access to our LinkedIn Private Coaching Community Page to receive all the updates on our Inspired Leadership Coaching Approach FOREVER.


Here are some transformations that executives may experience throughout our private coaching:

Clarity of Goals:

You may gain a clearer understanding of your professional and personal goals and north star purpose.

Increased Self-Awareness:

You may become more self-aware, understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values and motivations.

Improved Decision-Making Skills:

You may develop faster, more astute decision making skills, enabling you to make choices that align with your goals and values.

Increased Self Confidence:

You may create new beliefs, narratives, and habits that increase your confidence to chase and realize bigger goals and dreams.

Effective Communication:

You may develop improved communication skills, both in personal and professional contexts.

Work-Life Integration:

Private coaching can help you find better integration
between your professional and personal lives,
fostering overall well-being and greater joy and

Stress Reduction:

Coaching may provide strategies for managing stress and coping with challenges in a more constructive way.

Accountability Partner:

You will set actions and goals with your coach, leading to increased accountability, and see faster progress towards your goals.

Improved Relationships:

Coaching can contribute to better interpersonal skills and enhanced relationships, both personally and professionally.

Career Advancement:

In career coaching, you may receive guidance on career planning, skill development, and strategies for professional growth.

Mindset Shifts:

You may experience shifts in your mindset, challenging limiting beliefs, and creating more positive, growth oriented narratives

Goal Achievement:

Private coaching is often focused on setting and achieving specific goals, leading to a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

The effectiveness of private coaching depends on your commitment to the process, the quality of the coaching relationship, and the compatibility between the coach's expertise and the coachee's needs.

Private coaching is a collaborative and dynamic process that evolves over time, and the impact can extend beyond the duration of the coaching engagement.

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Hey! I'm Susan

The Founder of PowerUp Leadership and one of our many ICF credentialed coaches.

As an executive leader, I understand how stressful it can feel to be in an executive role and be pulled in a million different directions.

Any obstacles that may come up along the way executive coaching can be a game changer to create some breathing room to think and strategize with a coach to gain clarity on your top priorities, and reflect on how to address any obstacles that may came up along the way.

Over the past ten years I have worked with hundreds of executives to coach them on topics ranging from strategic planning to problem solving and team alignment.

As an International Coaching Federation, Professional Credentialled Coach, I have 2500+ hours of coaching experience with executives, and also have worked as an executive myself in Corporate, where I was responsible to lead human resources for a division of five businesses.

After each coaching session, your coach will assign personalized learning resources and actions for you to look at in between coaching sessions. If you commit to the process, you will increase your self awareness, and accomplish the goals you set with your coach. Executive coaching is a proven game changer, whether you are new to your role, or looking for a competitive edge in your career.

* You will be matched with the best ICF Coach for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Executive coaching is expensive. Why is it so pricey?

The feedback we have received from past participants is that they wish they had signed up for executive coaching earlier as it has saved them significant time and money. Based on the ICF Global Coaching Study by Price Waterhouse Coopers the return on investment from coaching is seven times the initial investment, with more than a quarter of clients reporting an ROI of 500%.

All our coaches are credentialled by the International Coaching Federation which involves executive coaching is tailored to the individual client’s needs and challenges, requiring highly skilled and experienced coaches who can provide personalized guidance. All Professional Certified Coaches have invested in 125+ hours of education and 500+ hours of coaching experience, and have spent tens of thousands of dollars on their training and certification. These coaches possess extensive knowledge in leadership development, organizational dynamics, and behavioral psychology.

What is the coaching process?

The coaching process begins with an initial intake form where the coach and the client establish goals, identify challenges, and assess the client's strengths and areas for development. This phase may involve various diagnostic assessments, interviews, and feedback from colleagues. Following this, a tailored coaching plan is developed, outlining specific objectives and strategies. The coaching process involves regular one-on-one confidential coaching sessions, during which the coach facilitates self-reflection, offers coaching, and provides learning resources to the client. These sessions are often focused on skill- building, behavior change, and mindset shifts. In between sessions, clients may be assigned homework or action items to implement insights gained from coaching into their daily professional life. The coaching relationship is built on trust, confidentiality, and a commitment to the client's growth. Finally, the process concludes with a review of progress, a reassessment of goals, and the development of strategies for ongoing development beyond the formal coaching engagement.

Will coaching help me to be more successful and reach my goals?

Coaching can significantly contribute to your success and help you reach your goals. Firstly, a coach provides an external perspective, offering insights and asking you questions that you might not have considered, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement. Secondly, the accountability and structure provided by coaching can enhance your commitment to goal attainment, ensuring you stay on track and remain focused. Thirdly, coaches often assist in developing specific action plans and strategies tailored to your objectives, facilitating a more efficient and effective path to success. The coaching process fosters self-awareness, empowering you to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and cultivate the necessary skills and mindset for achievement. A coach's ongoing support and encouragement can boost your confidence and resilience, enabling you to navigate challenges and setbacks more effectively on your journey toward success.

Is executive coaching going to help me, I have taken a lot of leadership training and courses over the years, how is this any different?

Executive coaching accelerates the development process, and will be much more specific to what you individually need as leader. While traditional training provides valuable knowledge and skills, coaching goes beyond offering personalized, one-on-one guidance tailored to your specific needs and challenges. Coaches delve into your individual context, helping you identify solutions to real-world scenarios. Unlike generic training, coaching focuses on your unique challenges that you may not be comfortable raising in a group training session, and it is applied learning and building a trusting relationship over time. This draws upon strengths and unpacks specific development areas, fostering self-awareness and behavioral change. The interactive nature of coaching allows for immediate actions, feedback and ongoing support, adapting strategies as your circumstances evolve. Additionally, coaching often addresses professional skills, leadership mindset, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal dynamics, providing a holistic approach to your growth as a leader. Executive coaching takes your prior training to the next level, offering an applied and dynamic learning experience.


Transform your mindset, habits, and gain clarity on where to focus so you can have the impact you desire and accomplish your goals.

Our Executive Inspired Leadership Coaching Package includes ten 60- minute personalized coaching sessions for executive leaders to support you in strategizing your priorities and leveling up your leadership and focus.

OR $10,000 USD for 12 month unlimited coaching subscription (** max of 1 coaching call per week).