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Results Experienced from Working with a Coach

by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership My coaching practice has grown significantly over the past year, and I feel privileged to work as a coach with clients across North America. Presently, I am coaching over 50 individual clients, and I have noticed some trends in the types of results that my clients […]

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Searching for Something Spectacular

Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business   PowerUp Leadership.   One of my favorite children books of all time is Sam and Dave Dig a Hole.  To me, it is an amazing metaphor for life.  Sam and Dave are two young boys (emerging leaders) on a treasure hunt for a gem.  They dig and […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Recovered Addict – Soulful Leadership

Power HR was founded with the vision of growing and inspiring more leaders. We celebrate real life examples of leadership. True leadership has a domino effect of creating more leaders. We lead the way we are led. There is an indisputable connection between our mind, body, and spirit. Our body is the temple where our spirit lives, and we need […]

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