Results Experienced from Working with a Coach

by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership

My coaching practice has grown significantly over the past year, and I feel privileged to work as a coach with clients across North America. Presently, I am coaching over 50 individual clients, and I have noticed some trends in the types of results that my clients have been realizing with coaching.

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Clarity on Goals & Blind Spots

One of the biggest gains that many clients tell me they experience through regular coaching is clarity on their goals and the blind spots that are preventing them from making progress towards them. Most often, entrenched assumptions and mindsets are the root cause of slow progress towards goals. An impartial coach can ask the right questions to increase client awareness and evolve mindsets to be more supportive. Many clients find that the regular discipline of having a biweekly coaching sessions holds them accountable and encourages them to keep putting the work in, as well as keeping their goals top of mind.

Better Relationships with Others

A frequent topic that arises with leadership coaching is how to navigate key stakeholder relationships with the client’s boss, direct reports, peers, and other key stakeholders. The coach can increase the client’s commitment and strategies adopted to build strong workplace relationships. Sometimes role playing is used as a way to prepare for critical conversations, and to have the client play the other party’s perspective to give them a better appreciation for the key interests of the other stakeholder. This is a powerful method to debrief on what went well in the conversation, and what the client might adjust for the “real conversation.”

Increased Self Awareness

Coaching involves reflecting on strengths and gaps, or potential improvement areas. This practice builds this as a regular practice in the client’s life. Often just by having a skilled coach who listens actively and asks the right questions, a client’s self awareness increases significantly. This results in them being more attuned to their own emotional state and ability to emotionally regulate themselves, as well as increase their awareness of the emotional state of others around them.

Susan was the most amazing career coach. She really listened and challenged me to really look within myself to answer my own questions. After my sessions with Susan (I came back for another series of sessions b/c she helped me so much!!), I felt much more in control of/engaged in my work life, career, and even overall life path. I even shared her advice with my friends and colleagues. I DO plan to even come back for a third series of sessions, as soon as I am able!! Thank you for being such a great listener, Susan, and for helping me to unlock my own inner voice.

Monica Vu, Marketing Manager at Facebook

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