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Lessons Learned When Selling My First Business

 by Susan Power, MBA, CHRL, ACC  Founder & CEO of PowerUp Leadership   Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business As a serial entrepreneur, now building my second business, PowerUp Leadership, I have been reflecting on lessons learned from building and selling my first business. In 2010 I founded my first business venture in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, […]

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Showing Up Fully Each Day

by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of Power HR  Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business “We Are Constantly Broadcasting Who We Are in Everything We Say and Do.”   — Shahmeen Sadiq, Anjali Leadership I am in because I want to see real change now! The other day, my coach, Shahmeen Sadiq of  Anjali Leadership […]

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The Power of Leadership Coaching to Change How Employees Think

by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of Power HR Inc. Leadership Coaching is becoming more commonplace across all job levels because of its tremendous ROI on employee productivity, performance, and its ability to accelerate the development and promotion readiness of emerging leaders.  Coaching is no longer considered something only offered at the executive level, but […]

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