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by Susan Power, Founder & CEO of Power HR  Multiply Your Leaders to Grow Your Business

"We Are Constantly Broadcasting Who We Are in Everything We Say and Do."  

-- Shahmeen Sadiq, Anjali Leadership

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The other day, my coach, Shahmeen Sadiq of  Anjali Leadership reminded me that everyday we are constantly broadcasting who we are.  What a wonderful reminder!  I believe that what we do when no one is watching is the strongest signal of who we truly are.  We need to coach our emerging leaders to embrace opportunities everyday that come up for demonstrating leadership.

Every moment, all of the things that we do (or don't do) demonstrates who we are, what we value, and what we prioritize in our lives. 

One area that I have been focusing on as part of my personal leadership journey is to engage in conversations with others everywhere I go; in the elevator, at the supermarket, at networking events, on the airplane, with the barista at Starbucks, in line at the bank, etc.  As an introvert, my default tendency was always to retreat inside when I had a rare moment to myself.  Professional work is a demanding stream of constant phone calls and meetings so previously I always regarded these moments as precious solitude to catch my breath and take a moment to recharge.  Today, I have a different mindset.  

Every interaction with another human being is an opportunity to learn something about the other person, our world, and potentially some useful information that can be shared to help each other move forward.  

It is also a golden opportunity to transmit and receive energy from one person to the other  As a business owner, these are ALL opportunities to build one's network as well, but you need to approach it with no set agenda and see where the conversation unfolds.

My way of getting present is with exercise before I start my work day with spinning class, attending Pilates Barre, or going for a run.  It clears out all the cobwebs in the brain and gives me energy for the day, the fuel needed to be present with other I give this gift of time to myself first.

The energy of having an open heart that seeks to engage with others transmits an invitation to connect. Constantly be self-evaluating how you show up everyday!   

My new focus on people rather than on just achieving my task list  involves giving myself permission to slow down so I have time to fully commit to these conversations with others.  Surprisingly, since starting this experiment, I have noticed that many times others initiate these spontaneous conversations before I even have an opportunity to initiate them myself. 

This was a real eye opener for me, and completely unexpected. As an introvert, it was also a major relief to see that I don't always have to think of what to say first.  The funny part is that now I find myself enjoying having these conversations with strangers, which is something that I completely did not expect to experience.

For example, the other day I was selling my paddle board on Kijiji as I never use it, and a middle age man showed up to buy it at my condo with his two teenage kids.  When they were picking up the paddle board, I noticed they were reading the signs I have posted all around my apartment with my business monthly revenue target dollar number.  A few hours later I get a text that says "thanks for the the paddle board, don't mean to pry but I am curious if those signs in your apartment are an intention setting exercise for your revenue or profit, or what they mean?".  It made me chuckle because there are literally 20 of these signs posted around the 800 square foot space, as I believe in the power of attraction to meet your goals. My financial coach, April Stroink recommended this as a money mindset practice to me, and at first I felt a little silly posting these signs everywhere, at least until I realized it worked.... and then I switched up the signs to double the revenue target number. 

I texted back that YES!!! it was intention setting and that I recently replaced the original set of signs, and recommended that he try it because it works.  This led to an enjoyable text conversation about the power of setting intentions and how they work, and even an opportunity for me to mention my business, Power HR.  Normally in a million years I would not have exchanged more than a sentence or two with a stranger let alone have a conversation about money mindset.  It actually amazes me that I even can do this today since it is such a complete shift in the way I have always operated.  But, I have learned that having an open heart towards everyone I interact with is such a better way to live. It makes the day more enjoyable, it is a chance to connect with another human being, and at the very least an opportunity to exchange useful information.

Showing up fully everyday involves finding your tribe or support group of peers that can hold you accountable and ask you the tough questions.  Power HR is kicking off four video mastermind groups in September, and would love to have you show up fully for one of these coaching groups to share your story and voice of insights and obstacles around key leadership themes.  

Until then, if you spot me in an elevator or at the airport, please come over and say hello.  I would love to meet you and hear your story, and please ask me if there is anything I can do that might help you reach your business goals!

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Susan Power, MBA, ACC, CHRL, CMP                      Founder & CEO of Power HR Inc.

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