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A Phenomenal Employee Experience, Customized to Your Organization

Outsourcing Human Resources Support allows you to save on cost without sacrificing quality, and still have your priorities managed by a Certified HR professional. It’s like having a top-tier HR executive on board, but without the six-figure salary. By engaging us, our clients reduce their administrative burden and overhead of maintaining an expanded human resources team.

PowerUp Leadership offers high-quality, professional, specialized support working with our strategic partners. We are specialists in human resources and stay current on evolving labour law and best practices.

Our Approach

When you engage us, PowerUp Leadership starts by performing an HR assessment to understand your organization, your people, and your HR priorities and gaps. We then design an HR plan to fit the size of your organization and your budget.

PowerUp Leadership Approach

What Can We Help With

Your HR Plan can include a combination of services based on your organization’s needs and priorities. High Employee Engagement drives profitability and increases retention, and our goal is to help you create a Phenomenal Employee Experience. 

Examples of PowerUp Leadership's HR services:

HR Policy Manual

Up-to-date policies ensure employers comply with labour standards, human rights legislation, or other employment regulations, preventing financial penalties and the potential erosion of your brand in the market.

Job Descriptions

Clearly documented job descriptions lower risk as they communicate an employee's roles and responsibilities, increasing productivity and serving as a foundational element for performance management.

Performance Process

Employees need a process to have regular check-ins with their managers to discuss progress made towards accomplishing their goals, both to keep successful employees engaged, and to have detailed documentation of poor performance if termination needs to be pursued.


When a termination meeting is led without any human resources involvement, this can be a huge exposure for an organization. The wrong things may be inadvertently said or done, and can result in costly legal settlements. Plan out a respectful termination and have human resources departments or consultants lead the process.

We have conducted hundreds of termination meetings and know whether to terminate for cause or without cause, how to put together a termination letter, and how to calculate the correct amount of severance pay to lower an organizations risk.

Compensation Review & Benchmarking

PowerUp Leadership has conducted compensation benchmark reviews for many organizations. We can design a compensation process to review pay equity within an organization, create pay scales, analyze whether certain positions are paid based on market rates, or above or below. This is an invaluable service to increase employee engagement, and manage employee costs.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Conflicts in the workplace happen on a daily basis. If not dealt with properly, conflicts fester and escalate to bullying, abuse, and sometimes harassment and discrimination. Many employees, including supervisors, are unequipped to respond to and resolve conflicts appropriately. PowerUp Leadership can be engaged to act as a mediator to resolve employee conflicts and offers training solutions to equip your management team with conflict resolution strategies.


Power HR takes a very collaborative approach to recruitment with our clients. We have an extensive business network to maximize our candidate reach. The agencies that are still using an “in-house” database of candidates, are out of touch as there is no better, more accurate database than Linked-In for sourcing potential candidates.


Susan was hired on for her HR-On-Call service as a HR Consultant for NARL Marketing LP (North Atlantic Refinery Limited) and provided high quality and informative work in the areas of compensation, policy review, and job description development. Most recently, Susan held a seminar for our Management team entitled "How to Increase Workplace Productivity". This seminar was very well received by our management team, and highlighted Susan's strengths as a presenter and knowledgeable HR Professional.

Dave Escott - HR Manager (2016) NARL

Certified HR Professional
Certified HR Leader