How to Grow Your Confidence: Three Crucial Steps

By Kamilah Lewis, Marketing Coordinator 

Self-confidence is about more than just feeling good: it allows you to accept and build trust within yourself. Having low self-confidence can make you more likely to doubt yourself and be passive, allowing others to take the lead, even when you disagree with their direction. Building confidence is easier said than done and may be easier for some people than others. But building confidence is worth it. Having a high amount of self-confidence could be what you are missing in your life, and it could be what you need to increase productivity and success at work. As a confident person, you should be able to take risks, recognize your mistakes and learn from them, maintaining an optimistic outlook. So how can you become a confident person?  Here are some tips on how you can improve your confidence and produce the best results at work:   

1. Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable 

This is a challenging mindset and can be hard to master. I know how uncomfortable situations at work may arise, especially when you are new to your role or the workplace. However, the reality is, you will encounter many uncomfortable situations throughout your life, and it is important to know how to handle them. To do this you have to embrace the things that bring you discomfort. You can start by acknowledging the different things that make you uncomfortable and then figuring out why they make you uncomfortable. Recognizing your discomfort will not only allow you peace of mind but will allow you to face that challenge and encourage personal growth.  

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

Usually, people lack confidence because they are comparing themselves to someone else. They are focused on what other people seem to be doing with more ease or skill. Upward social comparison can make you less satisfied with yourself and can lead to low self-confidence. If you are willing to commit to building self-confidence, you must move away from comparing yourself to others and focus more on yourself and your own goals. Think about your past accomplishments and be proud of where you are today. Once you focus more on your own value and less on the value of others, your confidence will improve. 

3. Set Goals You Want to Achieve 

It always feels great to check things off your list. Create a list of goals you want to achieve, even small goals that you want to work towards. Achieving goals, big or small, can help bring that self-confidence you need. Setting goals can also help motivate you toward your desired direction, increasing your productivity.  

While these steps may seem simple in practice, your self-confidence won’t improve if you don’t actively attempt them. So, start today! Start incorporating these tips into your daily activities and see how your confidence improves.  

Looking for more personalized strategies? Our coaches specialize in helping you increase your confidence in many areas, such as handling difficult conversations, new leadership responsibilities, or even public speaking. To learn more or to book a call with us.

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