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Caroline Chabot Chartier - PowerUp Leadership

Caroline Chabot Chartier

PowerUp Leadership Coach

Caroline advocates for transformative experiences and profound human connections, infusing her work with humor, compassion, vibrant energy, and an unwavering focus on development. With a unique ability to guide leaders on their self-awareness journey and unite individuals into cohesive teams, Caroline empowers leaders to authentically navigate challenges.

Specializing in guiding fast-progressing leaders and coaching teams to collaborate seamlessly, Caroline draws on her extensive experience in senior consulting roles focused on performance management, change leadership, and strategic talent management. Her approach involves enabling leaders to understand their talents, potential, and ecosystem, daring them to make decisions that have a significant impact. Noteworthy achievements include coaching leaders who achieved six times the results expected in the continuous improvement department, guiding younger leaders to find their posture and leadership style on the executive board, and supporting senior executives in transitioning from a traditional dominance leadership to an authentic posture, resulting in increased departmental performance. Additionally, Caroline has successfully transformed teams facing performance and trust issues, helping them not only meet targets but also foster a newfound sense of cohesion.

As a certified PCC Coach by ICF and an MPO analyst, Caroline is dedicated to influencing strong leaders in their quest to reshape organizations into more humane entities.