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The Future of Women in the Workplace

As much as we like to believe that as a society, we’ve come a long way in our efforts to create inclusive workplaces in which employees feel safe, satisfied, and supported, the struggles of the past few years have shown us that there is still a long way to go. How we go about changing our organizations is critical to increasing female representation in leadership now, and in generations to come.

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Quiet Quitting – What Can We Do About It?

by Lauren Hopkins, Marketing Coordinator If you keep up to date on news and trends from the business world, you’ve more than likely heard the term ‘quiet quitting’ a handful of times over the last several months. It has become a buzzword, particularly among Gen Z and younger employees, with virality being one culprit. But […]

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Technology for Inspired Coaching: Navigating a Dynamic World

Like most things, the increasing use of new technology has both a good side and a not-so-good side. These days we wouldn’t get very far without it, but technology has also presented its challenges over the past few decades. Having to stay up to date with changes and new software can be stressful and time-consuming, especially for those required to unlearn one method just to relearn it the tech-way – but without these advancements, we would lack efficiency in terms of time, communication, organization and other areas that are crucial to our professional development. Whether we are ready for it or not, technological change is coming at us at record speed, constantly.

Like the rest of the working world, technology has become a common part of coaching and professional development services. Understanding the positive and negative impacts of technology within the world of coaching can make the adjustment much easier for clients and coaches. A great starting point for coaches and clients new to coaching technology is to understand how technology is used by coaches, how it differs from more traditional in-person coaching, and how it is making coaching more accessible and effective for everyone.

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How Employers Can Prevent Remote Work Burnout

By Ruth Ballard The rising popularity of flexible remote and hybrid workplace models has been lauded as one of the most positive workplace outcomes of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of us have benefited from having more flexibility in our schedules, having more autonomy with our own self-directed work, and enjoying the comforts of home (and […]

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Prepare for the Future: Understand the Young Workforce

By Ruth Ballard   As the oldest members of Generation Z turn 25 this year, the highly populous age group is beginning to make up a significant portion of the professional workforce. With several recent cultural shifts changing young people’s perspectives on working life, businesses are struggling to attract and retain these younger workers. Older […]

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Self-Awareness: The Key to Better Listening

Self-Awareness: The Key to Better Listening By Ruth Ballard, PowerUp Leadership   Communication is the backbone of all relationships, personal or professional. We notice the need for communication most clearly when we see it break down, creating confusion, anxiety, and conflict that prevent teams from reaching their full potential. To resolve communication mishaps, a common impulse […]

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