Technology Enabling Your Workforce

By Kyle Armstrong, HR Coordinator PowerUp Leadership

Gone are the days when the workplace was merely a physical space employees occupied during regular office hours. Today’s workplace is always connected, an instant access environment that has blurred the lines between the physical office and the place where work actually happens. “As the distinction between professional and personal life dissolves, and the workplace becomes truly digital, employees are communicating and collaborating in unprecedented ways”. – Deloitte

Aside from the role that technology has occupied during the pandemic, the multifaceted pillar to organizational success that is technology, must be used strategically to ensure it is enabling your workforce.

Prior to most organizations being left with no choice but to utilize technology to the maximum, leading organizations were digitizing their processes and workflows as a strategic advantage. Post-pandemic work-models such as the hybrid model make for this topic even more complex than it already is. How can an employee work effectively from home if they are not tuned into the latest and greatest technology that is being offered? Deloitte believes that there is a fine line between information technology overload (i.e., Zoom fatigue) and using technology strategically to enable your workforce. Having access to the latest version of technology is great, but what are the other implications that at times are overlooked? Will advancements overload baby boomers who may not have the same technical capabilities as a millennial? Will employees have to spend more time maneuvering a new virtual platform than sticking with the old one that has an existing and effective purpose? There are arguments for and against all posed questions when considering technological advancements. It all comes down to whether technology is enabling your workforce or being counterproductive. This leaves many organizations with the task of building a strategy for digitization and technology enablement in an organization. More is not always better, strategic is better, and this same phenomenon can be used to measure the effectiveness of technology in an organization.

Deloitte claims that “the digital workplace breaks down communication barriers, positioning you to transform the employee experience by fostering efficiency, innovation, and growth. The key to success, however, lies in the effective implementation of a digital workplace strategy capable of driving true cultural change”. To ensure minimal information overload, support the aging workforce, and recognize the need for speed, Deloitte suggests approaching the emerging digital workplace with the following factors in mind.

  • Support changes in working styles that allow employees to work transparently, while simultaneously leveraging social networks.
  • Unify offline and online modes of communication by keeping employees engaged, connected, and tuned-in through devices such as smartphone(s).
  • Focus on employee experience by providing choice, flexibility, and personalization.
  • Support virtual work environments in a way that allows employees to feel connected while also paying close attention to client privacy and confidentiality.
  • Minimize spending and enhance productivity by strategically providing employees with relevant tools, at the right time.
  • Win the war on talent by offering progressive, innovative, and supportive workplace culture that attracts top talent.

An organization’s success can be measured in its ability to foster collaboration, communications, and connections. A ‘technology audit’ is an excellent practice to adopt right now, to critically reflect using tools like surveys and statistics to ensure that technological channels and usage is truly effective, and employees are feeling satisfied with their independent and collective use of technology. Taking the time to consider the purpose of all technology, its level of effectiveness, and whether it aligns with the organization’s technology strategy is a great place to start.

PowerUp Leadership has recognized that the war for talent has made the employee experience more critical than ever for our clients… To learn more about our approach to using technology for coaching, schedule a complimentary consultation.

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