Workplace Investigation

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Workplace Investigations

Many employers face costly lawsuits and human rights claims due to poor internal handling of employee harassment allegations. It is difficult for an internal investigation to be handled objectively by human resources objectives as there are internal relationships and different stakeholder political interests at play.  It is a better strategy to engage a third party objective independent resource to lead a workplace investigation.  This individual ideally has no existing history with the organization and can act on an impartial basis to interview the complainant, defendant and witnesses.

The other impact of harassment and discrimination in the workplace is that it creates a toxic workplace that can take years to recover from to repair the culture and damaged trust.

Harassment Prevention
Employers have experienced a spike in harassment allegations over past few years.

Lead the Design and Facilitation of Investigation

Power HR had led numerous workplace investigations. Our experience includes managing the process working in partnership with the internal human resources manager, and delivering a report of key findings and recommendations. Power HR has led the design of workplace restoration plans to repair the culture following the outcome of the investigation.  We are skilled at designing and delivering training on related topics such as:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Prevention of Harassment & Discrimination

“Susan was hired on for her HR-On-Call service as a HR Consultant for NARL Marketing LP (North Atlantic Refinery Limited) and provided high quality and informative work in the areas of compensation, policy review, and job description development. Most recently, Susan held a seminar for our Management team entitled “How to Increase Workplace Productivity”. This seminar was very well received by our management team, and highlighted Susan’s strengths as a presenter and knowledgeable HR Professional.”

– Dave Escott, HR Manager (2016) NARL –