Attract Top Talent to Compete

PowerUp Leadership attracts the right employee to fits your organization's culture, as well as the core requirements of the role. We prioritize candidate experience and take a collaborative approach to recruitment. We have an extensive business network as well as a Recruiters License on LinkedIn to maximize our candidate reach. 

Recruitment Strategy & Process

Depending on the type of job and the job level, our recommended approach to recruitment will vary. We will recommend the best Recruitment Strategy to find the highest quality candidates as quickly as possible.

Consideration of different recruitment approaches from job fairs, to advertising spend, to head-hunting passive candidates not actively searching, will be explored with you. We start by sitting down to understand what has been done historically to fill this role, the urgency, and compensation and payscale, as well as your recruitment budget. Our advice to clients is always better to make the right hire, even if that involves vetting more candidates. PowerUp Leadership uses a Talent Application System to maximize the number of job boards each role is advertised on, and to minimize the time to fill our clients' needs.

Employee Assessments

Request Your Employee Assessments  

Assessing candidates to identify behavioural preferences, integrity, and problem-solving skills is smart risk management, and a critical part of the recruitment process. We fully vet candidates to reduce our clients' risk. We have a number of assessments to be administered or clients may purchase them directly to supplement their own internal recruitment process. Assessments measure the following areas: 

  • Career Values
  • Customer Service Aptitude
  • Sales Achievement Predictor
  • Stress Profile
  • Conflict Style
  • Work Engagement Profile
  • Work Personality Indicator
  • WorkSafe Predictor

Facilitate a Professional Interview Process

Past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. As part of the recruitment program, we will partner with you to design interview questions to assess candidates for leadership capability, culture fit, and technical competence. We are skilled interviewers, asking key follow-up questions to fully understand answers and uncover red flags. We design and conduct behavioural-based interviews to provide a recommended short list of candidates. 

Pre-Employment Screening Checks

Validating employment dates, positions, and asking probing follow up questions is critical due diligence that should always be performed prior to extending an employment offer. We are very through in conducting detailed reference checks, criminal background checks, social media checks, educational verifications, and other checks which may be required depending on the position and seniority level.

Negotiate Job Offer with Candidate

Once the client signs off moving forward with a new hire, we can negotiate the job offer with the candidate to maximize value. We are trained in negotiation best practices, and can uncover the interests and top priorities of the candidate to deliver an offer that works for both parties.

Contract of Employment

Having a legally sound employment contract protects an employer from a potential costly settlement if an employee is terminated from the organization in the future. The terms of employment need to be clearly documented in a job offer letter to present a professional image of the employer, and to protect an employer's proprietary intellectual property and client data, and other interests if the employee resigns or is involuntarily terminated from the organization. We are experts at designing rigorous employment agreements, and can review your existing template employment agreement or create a new contract of employment template for your organization.

When you're ready to make your next hire, trust PowerUp Leadership to find you the right candidate and get them working in your organization quickly and effectively. Get in touch to discuss your options today!

"Susan was hired on for her HR-On-Call service as a HR Consultant for NARL Marketing LP (North Atlantic Refinery Limited) and provided high quality and informative work in the areas of compensation, policy review, and job description development. Most recently, Susan held a seminar for our Management team entitled "How to Increase Workplace Productivity". This seminar was very well received by our management team, and highlighted Susan's strengths as a presenter and knowledgeable HR Professional."

- Dave Escott, HR Manager (2016) NARL -