Strategic Plan Facilitation

Strategy is Critical to Your Business Plan

Strategy Facilitation

PowerUp Leadership facilitates strategic planning with your senior management team to identify people-focused strategic objectives for your organization. We start the process by engaging key stakeholders to measure current performance and identify opportunity areas.

Align your organization's HR strategy with the overall business strategy to meet your goals. For an organization to meet its goals, it's important to align your people strategy with the overall business strategy. 

  • Do you have a plan for sourcing and retaining talent?

    Business growth requires resources, and fast-growing companies need top talent to grow and serve their customers. A strategy for sourcing and retaining talent is critical.
  • Does your organization plan to grow this year? 

    If so, do you know how many hires you need to add to your team factoring in turnover and retirements, and what positions in what months? Recruitment is a pipeline and take forecasting in advance to generate the desired quality of candidates hired in time to meet business cycles.
  • Do you plan to cut operational costs this year? 

    If so, do you have an employee productivity plan to fully engage and realize the potential of your current team? Do you know what percentage of overhead and labour costs you may want to reduce?
    PowerUp Leadership can facilitate an HR planning session with your senior management team to identify essential strategic objectives for your organization. We will partner with you to establish desired outcomes for this session.

PowerUp Leadership is Certified in Change Management

  • People impacting organizational changes often fail because little thought or attention is given to the people impact and communication. Human beings are naturally adverse to change and will resist it.  
  • This makes it mission critical to get the buy-in to make your change a success through the design of a change management plan. This involves identifying key change stakeholders and where each team member sits on the change continuum for the particular change occurring.  
  • We can partner with you to create the right level of awareness of the changes happening, and create desire among stakeholders to make your change a success.
Change Management Practitioner

High Employee Engagement Drives Profitability

Employee Engagement Surveys and Interviews Inform Your Strategy

  • PowerUp Leadership has designed and delivered employment surveys and interviews for many of its clients. We can design meaningful questions to collect critical data and generate insights from employees on what they like about your workplace and what the employer and management team can do better.  
  • We will analyze the data, and make recommendations on what your human resources plan should focus on over the upcoming year based on employees feedback. Many organizations are conducting employee net promoter score surveys on a quarterly or monthly basis now, and not just an annual engagement survey.

Change Management Plans Improve the Probability of Success for Transformation Projects

The Right Talent to Meet Your Business Goals

  • With business transformation happening right now with technology and automation, workforce planning is more important than ever. PowerUp Leadership can build a a workforce plan that factors in your projected number of hires required to meet your business requirements.  
  • We can build in the impact of your turnover rate to determine the number of net new hires your organization requires to meet its business growth goals. 
  • Your business needs to plan its ramp ups and seasonal periods through workforce planning or you will be paying for labour that you do not require, or you will not have the roles filled to deliver on your client projects when you need it.
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"Susan was hired on for her HR-On-Call service as a HR Consultant for NARL Marketing LP (North Atlantic Refinery Limited) and provided high quality and informative work in the areas of compensation, policy review, and job description development. Most recently, Susan held a seminar for our Management team entitled "How to Increase Workplace Productivity". This seminar was very well received by our management team, and highlighted Susan's strengths as a presenter and knowledgeable HR Professional."

- Dave Escott, HR Manager (2016) NARL