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How Human Resources Can Design & Launch an Impactful Leadership Coaching Program Self Directed Learning

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Are you a human resources leader trying to figure out how to help your managers be better people leaders? Does your organization struggle with a high turnover rate, and low employee morale?

A leadership coaching program can help your managers be more effective.  This program makes it easy for human resources to design and launch an impactful coaching program quickly that can result in:

  • Increased Leadership Effectiveness
  • Increased Individual/Team Productivity
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Reduced Workplace Conflict

With materials provided by a Certified Coach, the program includes all the key resources that you need to launch a leadership coaching program, including templates, PowerPoints, video lessons, checklists, a free coaching session, and a live group Q&A call.

This program is also approved for 7 Continuing Professional Development Hours through CPHR Nova Scotia.

Program Objectives

  1. 1
    Build the business case for launch of a leadership coaching program.
  2. 2
    Identify step by step how to design and launch an impactful coaching program.
  3. 3
    Provide template materials needed to launch an impactful coaching program.
  4. 4
    Develop Inspired Leadership™ Capability in your organization.


Module 1: The Business Case for Coaching

  • Benefits of Coaching
  • ROI of Coaching
  • Types of Coaching
  • External vs. Internal Coaches

Module 2: Alignment of Learning Objectives to the Organizational Strategy

  • Define and Create Coaching Program Learning Objectives Connected to Organizational Strategy
  • Executive Sponsorship and Involvement for Optical Impact
  • Human Resources Role in the Design and Launch of a Leadership Coaching Program
  • Leadership Dimensions in a Coaching Program

Module 3: Design of a Leadership Coaching Program

  • Creating a Coaching Culture
  • Define Audience Groups Participating in the Program
  • Evaluation the Best Options for Program Delivery
  • Assessments & E-Coaching with AI
  • Learning in Between Coaching Sessions

Module 4: Selection of Leadership Program Participants & Coaches

  • How HR Can Select the Best Roster of Coaches
  • Coaching Core Competencies
  • Matching Participants to Coaches

Module 5: Launch of Coaching Program to Organization

  • Communication of New Coaching Program to Employees
  • How to Engage Participants During the Program
  • Manager’s Role in a Coaching Program
  • Evaluation of Leadership Coaching Program and KPIs

Module 6: Coaching Call & Additional Materials and Resources

  • Live Group Q&A Call
  • 1:1 (30 minute) Coaching Session with Certified Coach

Online Learning Platform

Access all the videos, templates, articles and other resources needed to launch a leadership coaching program for your employees


$375 CAD + HST 

Professional Development Credit

This program is pre-approved for seven (7) continuing professional development hours by CPHR Nova Scotia.


"Susan is an extremely dedicated and knowledgeable HR&OD professional who has a keen understanding of policy development and approvals process in a municipal context. She is able to develop options and clear policies based on thorough analysis in an effective and efficient manner that aligns to the needs of the organization and stakeholders."

- Dave Mignault, Manager, Organization Development & HRMS, City of Kingston -