Funding Opportunities

PowerUp Leadership

Funding Options for Your Business

PowerUp Leadership helps businesses access funding to make coaching options more affordable. Here are some of the funding options avaiable to businesses located in Nova Scotia. Get in touch with us to discuss your options and funding in your region.

Province of Nova Scotia

Workplace Innovation and Productivity Skills Incentive (WIPSI)

Small businesses in Nova Scotia, with less than 50 employees, may be eligible for up to 100% of training costs to be covered up to $10,000. For larger businesses, WIPSI provides up to 50% of direct training costs.

WIPSI may also cover other expenses such as travel, books for participants, and accommodation costs for persons with disabilities.

If you are an organization/association and you apply for WIPSI funding on behalf of member businesses, you may also be eligible for WIPSI to cover administration costs to host the training.

Power HR can work with you to provide support attaining these funds.  Contact Susan Power at for further support.

NSBI Business Development Program

Nova Scotia-based businesses can apply for non-repayable funding for a consultant or leadership training.

Stream 1: This stream supports the acquisition of a private-sector consultant to provide professional expertise to overcome a certain pain point keeping your business from growing.

  • The minimum project cost for Stream 1 is $5,000
  • Funding provided at 50% up to a maximum of $15,000 per fiscal year

NEW – Stream 2: Focused on senior executives, this stream will help you and your company identify and develop the leadership skills needed to grow. Work with business experts to understand and address how to overcome barriers to successfully scale your company and increase sales.

  • Companies must have a minimum of $500,000 in revenue to be eligible for this stream
  • The minimum project cost for Stream 2 is $10,000
  • Funding is provided at 75% up to a maximum of $30,000 per fiscal
  • Companies are allowed one project per fiscal

*Applicants interested in Stream 2 should contact their Regional Development Advisor for more information and to apply.

Find Your Funding Opportunity

Regardless of your location you and your business may be eligible for grants or other professional development funding. Get in touch with PowerUp Leadership to collaboarate on research to find appropriate funding or for help filling out your funding application.