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Communications Effectiveness

Inspired Leadership™ Coaching Package

For leaders at every level, building confidence and skill when presenting, navigating difficult conversations, or maintaining clear lines of communication with a team, can all present challenges. Our Communications Effectiveness Inspired Leadership™ Coaching Package was created to help leaders overcome these common barriers. Our coaches partner with you to address communication stressors, build your confidence, and practice effective speaking techniques.

The Payoff

With a combination of 1-on-1 coaching sessions with an International Coaching Federation credentialed Coach, access to resources, and facilitation of the DiSC Workplace and Agile EQ assessments, this package will help you communicate your ideas with conviction and achieve buy-in from stakeholders.

Coaching package includes:

  • 3-6 months of videoconferences with a Professional Certified Coach, at a frequency that best suits your needs.
  • Access to resources and goal-tracking through
  • DiSC Workplace Assessment
  • DiSC Agile EQ Assessment
  • Communications Effectiveness Inspired Leadership™ Certification


  • Increase confidence speaking and presenting.
  • Gain executive presence and influence.
  • Build trust and gain lasting connections.
  • Gain influence and gravitas.
  • Make your ideas heard.
  • Improve empathetic listening skills.

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We were fortunate enough to have Susan lead a session at our Canadian Business School Conference. Susan’s presentation was passionate and engaging–delegates left more informed and empowered to be leaders and take on the challenge of fostering positive relationships and communication within their organizations. She was extremely pleasant to work with, and I look forward to any opportunity that we have to collaborate again.

Chris McGinn, Director of Sessions 

Canadian Business School Conference, Fredericton 2018