Clear Communications Diagnostic

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Clear Communications Diagnostic

This assessment will diagnose your current level of communications effectiveness, and provide resources to support you in boosting your communications capability so you can realize your goals.



Do you feel nervous before having to present during a work meeting?*
My capability crafting key messages is strong?*
I feel confident crafting written communications*
I am concise in my written communications.*
I am persuasive and able to influence others.*
I feel confident in de-escalating an emotional conversation?*
I feel my communications style at work is authentic.*
My leadership style is transparent and honest?*
I am able to hold my own to respond clearly when experiencing push back from executives?*
When I communicate often others get excited about my ideas because I tap into their emotions, ideals, and/or values.*
My leadership style is transparent and honest?*
What ways do you ensure that your team members feel heard and understood?*
I believe that I consistently adopt the best channel to fit the message (e.g. email, Slack, text, phone, live meeting, etc)?*
Are there specific areas of communication delivery that you need to work on?*
I encourage open and constructive dialogue when differences arise among team members.*
I am comfortable having a high stakes conversation that involves uncovering each party’s areas of interest?*
I currently have a way to measure my communications effectiveness?*
Presently, I am able to communicate with the right level of both personal caring and assertiveness?*
I am able to foster a culture of transparency and honesty within my team.*
I am able to pivot my communications style to consider cultural differences.*
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