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Strategic Recruitment in a Post-Covid World

 by Kyle Armstrong, HR Coordinator The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the recruitment process for HR professionals significantly. There remains a great deal of uncertainty regarding the impact of COVID-19 on recruitment for the long-term. However, there are many tools that are invaluable to adopt in the area of recruitment. Many organizations have renewed themselves several times over […]

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Transformation of Human Resources Post Pandemic

by Kyle Armstrong, HR CoordinatorA great deal of uncertainty remains surrounding the realities of post pandemic work. Many human resources professionals are also wondering what the future of their role will look like. Some of the biggest transformations that we have seen over the past year include:Virtual Hiring  Video interviewing and hiring candidates remotely across different […]

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Leadership Lessons from a Recovered Addict – Soulful Leadership

Power HR was founded with the vision of growing and inspiring more leaders. We celebrate real life examples of leadership. True leadership has a domino effect of creating more leaders. We lead the way we are led. There is an indisputable connection between our mind, body, and spirit. Our body is the temple where our spirit lives, and we need […]

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