Leadership Assessments



Many profiles take hours to interpret, but the Leadership Circle Profile shows key information in a quickly-interpreted, easy-to-understand way, bringing fundamental issues to the surface instantly. The data in the leadership assessment reveals itself in seconds, putting leaders in touch with what is working, what is not, and why.

This 360 degree assessment benchmarks the assessor against more than 1,500 executives in the database globally, and provides an overall score of Leadership Effectiveness, as well as across all 18 Creative Competencies and 11 Reactive Competencies.

$650 CAD (+HST) for full report including one-hour debrief with Certified Leadership Circle Practitioner, administration of process, and hard copy binder of results. Group discount applies for five (5)+ leadership assessments.

Leadership Circle Profile

360 Degree Leadership Assessment

Recruitment Assessments

Request Your Recruitment Assessment 

Assessing candidates to identify their behavioural preferences, integrity, and problem solving skills is smart risk management, and a critical part of the recruitment process. We fully vet candidates to reduce our clients risk. We offer a number of assessments which can be administered for clients or purchased directly to supplement their own internal recruitment process. Assessments measure the following areas: 

  • Career Values
  • Customer Service Aptitude
  • Sales Achievement Predictor
  • Stress Profile
  • Conflict Style
  • Work Engagement Profile
  • Work Personality Indicator
  • WorkSafe Predictor

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