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Inspired Leadership™ Coaching Package

Success at the Executive level is demanding and difficult. Occupying a leadership role presents seemingly insurmountable obstacles, often with little direction or coaching. Our Executive Inspired Leadership™ Coaching Package helps you maximize efficiency and refine your skillset. You will gain clarity on your future vision, strategize to increase team alignment, and develop wellness habits to manage your stress.

The Payoff

With a combination of one-on-one coaching sessions with a Professional Certified Coach, access to resources through Coaching.com and facilitation of assessments geared towards your unique role, this coaching package will help both you and your team, as you focus on structured targets, breakthrough self-limiting beliefs, and enhance the way you lead.

Coaching package includes:

  • 3-6months of video conferences with a Professional Certified Coach, at a frequency that best suits your needs.
  • Access to resources and goal-tracking through Coaching.com.
  • DiSC Workof LeadersAssessment
  • SuccessFinder
  • LCP 360 (Optional)
  • Triangulation meeting with superior (optional).
  • ExecutiveInspired Leadership™ Certification


  • Build trust with boss, peers, & direct reports.
  • Gain clarity on authentic leadership style and brand.
  • Increase team alignment by communicating vision and priorities.
  • Set strategic objectives and key performance measures
  • Develop wellness habits for better stress management.
  • Meet organizational objectives and personal/professional goals.

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Susan  is awesome! I found my time spent with her invaluable as an executive of a company which recently completed a major acquisition and was dealing with integration, transformation, leadership and organizational changes as well as fatigue (during a pandemic!). She challenged me to take a hard look at who I am, what drives me and who I want to become, If you're looking for a great coach then I highly recommend Susan.

Slade Murphy - Senior DirectorT-Mobile