Confidence Booster Assessment

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Confidence Booster Assessment

This assessment will diagnose your current level of confidence, and provide resources to support you in boosting your confidence so you can realize your goals.



I trust myself*
I trust others*
I keep my commitments to myself*
I consistently push myself beyond my comfort zone*
I have habits that sustain a high level of self confidence*
I have an achievements that I am proud of*
My inner dialogue is kind and self-compassionate*
My fear of failure does not stop me*
I empower my team to take ownership over their own tasks*
I take responsibility for my decisions*
I'm willing to admit when I'm wrong*
I constantly seek out challenges*
I bounce back quickly from failures*
I do not second guess myself*
I feel like mistakes are an opportunity to learn.*
Overall I think about myself in a positive way*
I love myself including all my imperfections*
I have positive beliefs about my abilities*
The people that I surround myself with speak positively about me*
I keep trying, even after others have given up.*
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